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Lettering & Calligraphy Pens

Lately I have been practicing my lettering and calligraphy skills. I picked up this Pigma Calligrapher pen set a few weeks ago and love them! I have been practicing my letters, flourishes, and words. One of my favorite resources is The Postman's Knock, she has a ton of free worksheets along with paid classes if you want to really up your calligraphy game. Practicing everyday is something that isn't hard to do when the subject is this fun, as you can tell by my instagram feed being full of drills and lettering projects lately.

My Sunday morning work space

My Sunday morning work space

Incorporating illustration and calligraphy

Incorporating illustration and calligraphy

Drawing Food is Fun!

Lately I have been sketching and drawing all sorts of food. From sketching some tasty donuts and coffee to illustrating a gooey-cheesy slice of deep dish, I have been exploring the creative side of my foodie habits. Here is a few illustrations I ended up using for food related event invitations for students at JMLS. Food is one of my favorite subjects to draw, if you need a special food related illustration let me know, I would love to do it!


Coloring Page Freebie

One of my favorite sayings is "Look at the flowers in your garden instead of focusing on the weeds". Yesterday I was sketching and came up with this coloring page full of flowers and a positive message. One of my goals for this year is to Spread Kindness through Creativity, and this is the first of many projects to come. Feel free to download, color, and share.

Ready for School?

As summer draws to an end, and fall is right around the corner I felt inspired to draw a corgi getting ready to go back to school. This was a really fun illustration to do, I started in my sketchbook with a pencil,  and then finished coloring it in Photoshop and cropped the original drawing down to this layout.